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Pet Checkups in Wauchula, FL

Keep your pet healthy when you have him or her undergo regular pet checkups. At our veterinarian office, we take care of all breeds of cats and dogs. Whether your pup is ready for his yearly physical or your kitty needs a new vaccine, stop in today to request a full pet exam. Our mobile pet checkups are designed for animals of all ages. Bring in your pets so that we can determine if they are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort. Take advantage of a thorough pet exam so that we are able to cure minor conditions before they develop further. For this reason, it is essential to your furry friend's health that you bring him or her in for pet checkups. Be a responsible and caring pet owner by visiting a veterinarian for an examination on a regular basis. You don't need an appointment or a reason for a visit with us. Simply swing by a location for your services.

Requesting a veterinarian appointment can be stressful and difficult for pet owners. With your busy schedule, you may not have time to bring your furry friend in for a full exam. For your convenience, we are happy to provide you with mobile pet checkups at a time that fits your unique needs. How do you find us? You simply check our calendar and go to a store near you when a vet is stationed at that location. It has never been easier or more convenient for our patients to perform their pet checkups. With our services, you'll keep your treasured companion healthy and cared for.

A Full Mobile Pet Exam

You know your friend best. A mobile pet exam gives you an easy way to assess your dog or cat's physical condition on a regular basis. Staying on top of your companion's health is essential for years of playtime. It's not always easy to tell when your pet is in pain. For that reason, many animal owners do not detect a medical condition until it has progressed beyond treatment. By scheduling pet wellness exams or coming by for an appointment with us, you may prevent a significant amount of pain from being inflicted onto your dog or cat. We assess every pet thoroughly to make sure there are not any underlying, detectable conditions. Our caring and friendly staff is able to check out every part of your pet and determine his or her physical condition. Preventative care is as important for pets as it is for humans. Aside from making sure all vaccinations are taken care of, we assess your pet's condition and may recommend a testing service based on the results. We offer all of the following pet exams for dogs or cats in our mobile pet checkups:

Dog in Wauchula, FL
  • Listening to the Heart and Breath Sounds
  • Assessing Alertness
  • Checking Body Weight
  • Looking at the Skin and Coat for Bumps or Dryness
  • Touching the Mouth and Teeth
  • Measuring Pulse
  • Finding Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Symmetry in the Nose and Face
  • Feeling the Organs for Abnormalities
  • Moving the Legs for Pain Assessment
  • Checking the Cleanliness of Eyes and Ears
  • Assessing Tail Mobility

Essential Testing During Your Pet Checkup

Just as physical exams are important for humans, they are equally as important for pets. In some cases, our veterinarians may identify a potential condition during our comprehensive pet wellness exams. If we discover something that needs further testing, we are able to perform these exams at our location. Don't stress over the cost of your pet's care. Our pricing for most tests is as low as $25.00. We never recommend unnecessary tests unless we have a reason to believe your cat or dog needs further assessment.

Don't wait until it is too late to vaccinate your pet. From distemper to rabies, our veterinary checkups include the option for a number of different vaccinations. Our goal is to keep your pet safe against the threat of disease. Your dogs love to spend their days wagging their tails, chasing toys, and enjoying treats. Ensure a long and healthy life for man's best friend when you bring him or her into one of our mobile locations. During annual dog checkups, we perform a full examination of your pup's physical condition. Whether you have a dachshund or a pit bull, our staff keeps your companion in peak condition for years to come. A yearly dog exam includes a number of services. We test for everything from heartworms to fleas. If your dog needs further treatment or tests, we are available to provide you with a solution. Make a difference in your pet's life when you bring him or her to us for your annual cat checkups. Even if your cats spend all of their time indoors, they are still at risk of developing a series of conditions that can be discovered during an annual physical exam. From testing for fleas to performing a full body exam, our veterinarians cover a series of services during our annual cat checkups.

Contact our mobile offices to learn about our options for pet checkups. Our veterinarians are available to perform a pet exam for dogs and cats throughout Wauchula, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Fort Meade, Zolfo Springs, Bowling Green, Arcadia, Lakeland, Florida.