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Flea and Tick Treatment in Wauchula, FL

Enjoy all of the benefits of having a pet without the inconvenience of annoying pests in your home by protecting them against fleas and ticks. 888-Pet-Vets are qualified veterinary professionals with the ability to protect your pet against harmful fleas and ticks. Fleas are a nuisance to both humans and pets, while ticks actually present a major health risk as they carry Lyme disease.

We carry flea and tick medicines that offer thorough and long-lasting prevention. If your pet has any sensitivity to certain formulas, our veterinarians will direct you to the right product or write a prescription to meet your needs. Take an active part in keeping your pet comfortable and healthy with our flea and tick treatment in Wauchula, FL.

Benefits of Flea Medicine for Dogs and Cats

With a quick treatment of flea medicine, your pet gets the advantage of being comfortable, free of pests, and healthier. Animal with fleas are at risk of developing skin conditions and also problems with their coats. You may see flaky patches, irritation, and in extreme cases, broken skin from scratching so often.

In addition to having an uncomfortable pet, fleas in your home will also leave you itchy. Although they don't present the health risks associated with ticks, fleas multiply rapidly and lay eggs, which continue to make your home uncomfortable.

Flea and Tick Medicine of All Types

Happy Dog in Wauchula, FL

Our mobile veterinary team makes it easy for our patients to visit us because we go to pet and feed stores in your area. We post a monthly schedule that shows our location and do not require appointments for you to be seen. Our veterinary staff is always prepared to treat pests with easy to administer flea and tick medicines, especially during months in which they thrive. All we ask is that you bring cats in carriers and dogs on leashes when you visit one of our veterinarians. We keep and prescribe a range of medicinal options and can recommend useful products for your pet and your household. The most popular types of flea and tick medicines and products that may help your pet include:

  • Prescription Medications in Pill Form
  • Shots that Last for a Few Months at a Time
  • Monthly Use Products for Skin Application
  • Flea-Killing Collars
  • Medicated Shampoo
  • Medicated Bandanas

Keep your pet itch and irritation free with flea and tick treatment from our team. Contact us today to learn more about prevention with our veterinary team. We are proud to serve clients in Wauchula, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Fort Meade, Zolfo Springs, Bowling Green, Arcadia, Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding communities.